Cara (car_car) wrote,

The customer is always right...

...yes even when they are wrong.

Front desk at work - Friday morning
Me: "Hi, it's Cara calling from Comfort Inn Botanical in Hamilton here, I was hoping to speak to Mr X?"
Guy: "Ahh That's my Dad, could I help you?"
Me: "Sure, he was due to check into the motel last night, however he was a no-show. This is just a courtesy call before I charge the supplied credit card."
Guy: "Oh, well, they are coming in tonight I think, they are on the road now."
Me: "Do you have a mobile number I can contact him on?"
Guy: "Sure *gives number*."
Me: "Thanks."

Dial Mr X's mobile number.
Me: "Hi, it's Cara calling from the Comfort Inn Botanical in Hamilton here, am I speaking to Mr. X?"
Mr X: "Yes."
Me: "Mr X, this is just a quick courtesy call, you were due to check into the Motel last night..."
Mr X: "No, we are leaving Geelong now, we are staying tonight."
Me: "I have the internet booking here, and it has your arrival date as the 5th of June..."
Mr X: "No we booked it for tonight. We are coming for tonight."
Me: "O...K... then, I will move you across for tonight, and seeing as there seems to be an error, I will waiver the 'no-show' charge..."
Mr X: "You won't charge me a no-show charge, we were booking in for tonight."
Me: "Ok sir. Thank you."

Looks at web booking, and reads for the 20th time...
"ARRIVAL: 2pm, 5/6/08
DEPARTURE: 10am, 6/6/08"


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