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Woah.... weird

So, i've had a nice lazy morning... woke up, watched Sixteen Candles, drooled over a young John Cusack for a bit, then decided to make some muffins..

Cheesy Pizza muffins. I'm sitting here at the PC and my word they smell so nice..

The reason for this post is to share how miffed I am at this:
Above Top Secret
It's a web site that I spend a lot of time reading and lurking on, and this particular thread about odd pictures appearing on a fridge has blown my mind. Who is Ashley, why is she copying Mellisa, is Mellisa really gone, or is Ashley another personality of Mellisa? Who are Ax and Rory? When was Ashley planning on unveiling the other pics found by the ATS members?

 Weird stuff, but I totally dig it!

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