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An update to the old things i need to do before i die list.....

.....strange how one's priorities change. (these weren't listed in any particular order!
[1] to get to the UK
[2] to shake hands with lisa lashes and nick skitz
[3] to get my work published
**DONE** i went to the Prince Albert (i think) with John & Ash after Earthcore [4] to go to a *real* club
[5] find a nice fella and settle down in a few years
[6] to raise my kids with the best self image possible
** DONE ** i was doing the advanced work out a few months ago... well proud of myself. [7] to do yoga like the chick in the advanced section on my dvd
** DONE ** kinda, tho i'm still learning...[8] to learn how to do kick ass things with html other than how to stick the odd hyperlink in and all that sorta shite
[9] to get my license
[10] go sky diving
[11] read the bible back to front
[12] learn how 2 dj at a level better than crossy
**IN PROGRESS**  [13] tell certain people exactly how i feel bout them
[14] to own/promote a kick ass nightclub
[15] work in management in at least one 5 star hotel (note: i'm working in management in a 4 star hotel!)
** DONE ** however, it was a real let down compared to the book [16] to watch "the stand"
**DONE** [17] tell my dad i love him
** DONE ** i don't lie to myself about how relationships really are etc anymore...[18] be more honest to myself about how i feel, and how i really am
** DONE ** 19] to continue to be trysexual... ie try anything once
[20] go bungee jumping
**CHANGED** I just want a car that is roadworthy! [21] to build an amazing 302 pug with an SPL stereo (note need ash's help)
** DONE ** :) [22] to make up with damo
[23] make a name for myself by doing something cool
[24] to go off the rope swing at nigretta again
[25] to be in two places at the one time
**DONE**[26] to learn that i don't have to be the strong one all the time.. that there are people out there i can turn to, i just gotta look for them
[27] to learn to trust
[28] to do a home made slasher flick for laughs
[29] to watch the sun rise in the arms of some one special
[30] to get a tatoo
** DONE ** through this and my private journal, i have a wicked record of me [31] to keep a diary of everything going on in my life
[32] to jam with cody and finally put music to go on and personal
[33] to finish my "places to have sex" list
[34] fly experience at least 5 foriegn countries and eat their food
[35] to cook a perfect sponge cake
[36] to see robbie williams in concert
** DONE ** inebriated, and copius, and more 2 follow [37] learn some new big words
**DONE** John helped me with this[38] to learn how to not be scared of my feelings
** DONE ** serveral times... i'm still learning. [39] to watch A Walk To Rememeber again, and see what i can learn from it...
[40] to never forget my friends
** DONE ** Red cross and the Austrlaian Conservation Society... the ACS get $20 off me a month! & the RSL art union raflles [41] to support a different charity each year
[42] never forget who i met on the way up because i'll meet them on the way down again
[43] to know that when my time comes, i can die knowing i lived each day to the most and did everything i could to ensure i was happy. happy for myself and happy for others
[44] to put others needs first
** DONE ** it's not a hard thing to do [45] to make one person smile each day
[46] see snow and build a snow man
[47] conquer my fear of being fully submerged in water
[48] over come some intimacy issues i have
**DONE** The wonders of modern technology [49] establish and maintain contact wif Rikii n Sherryn again
[50] make a significant and permanent difference to at least on person in this world.
** DONE - almost** i've had black, white and green.. still must try red, orange and the coffee looking one [51] try every flavour of sambucca
[52] visit egypt and see the stars for myself
[53} go back to the house where my dad grew up and visit the McRae Castle
[54] try not 2 be scared of balls... so that way i mite be good at tenis or soccer
[55] expereince as many people and situations as i can before i'm married with kids
[56] have my own house by the time i'm 27
[57] to be working in the UK or major city in Australia by the time i'm 30
[58] meet some one from BB
[59] shake either Shane West, Elton John, Robbie Williams or Ben Adam's hand and thank them for the music/inspiration
**SO CLOSE** Do macro's in excel count? [60] learn to program
**DONE** I know who i am, what i want and how to get it. [61] to wake up one day, and have everything *click*
[62] to become part of the Atom Plus hotel empire
[63] to learn how to scuba dive
[64] have a naughty glamour photo shoot
[65] make a million dollars
[66] repaint my flat and get new curtains
[67] meet nick black
[68] forgive, forget and reconnect with John
[69] finish the mammoth EOD workbook with Tom
[70] get myself in shape. for real this time
[71] refine my poker playing skills
[72] build my childhood favourites DVD collection
[73] buy a 52" plasma tv
[74] buy a pair of sexy black boots
[75] visit the greek isles
[76] go to at least one wrestlemania before the retirement of Shawn Michaels
[77] MEET shawn Michaels
[78] Beat John at Smackdown VS Raw 07
[79] con mick into buying ME lunch on a Sunday afternoon

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