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what to write ??

This entry comes straight from my personal journal.

"...So... Everything is going really well. Work is amazing, infact i couldn't ask for it to be better. Tom & Amelia are the most supportive bosses i've ever had. They have so much faith in me, it is almost hard for me to fathom. However I keep going the way i am. I keep working hard and putting in 100% and i guess things will go well. Tom's been involving me heavily in budgeting & setting up reports and everything & he keeps reminding me that this is 100% relevant to me when i have my own business. One thing that is so motivating is that when they talk to me about being a millionare or business owner they don't talk in "if's" but "when's". They have promised to give me the tools to reach these goals. It is amazing. Under their guideance i feel like i can take on the world... and win!

I am concentrating on sorting myself out at the moment. My house is almost completely how i want it, save my bedroom, but that is almost there. I'm working on losing a bit of weight & toning up my thighs and belly & ass. As a result of losing the weight i have already, my boobs are disappearing, (AAAAARRRRGGHHH) but i am working on reversing that.  ;-)

I am also focusing on staying single. I guess i don't need that distraction right now. I'm so happy with myself as a person at the moment. My self confidence has trippled since my time with John. My commitment and focus on work & my career has never been stronger. I just need my license now, which will come in due time. (soon!)

 Speaking of John, i've seen him a couple of times. 2 weeks ago he actually came over and we had a few drinks and caught up. It was GREAT!!!!!! He has and he hasn't changed so much. It made me re-realise how much a have missed him and his company. Hopefully it won't be the last time i see him. I really want us to be friends with him again. more than anything else in the world. I hate the fact that he is  (still) one of the few people in the world that i would do anything for.

Signing off and into bed. Early start in the morning.

<3 Cara xxx ..."

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