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i'm average... I suppose!!

according to the chart in the herald sun today, compared to most average females, i'm doing quite well!!
I'm 16cm taller than the average.
8kg heavier.
12cm smaller in the hips.
12.5cm smaller in the waist.
4.5 smaller in the bust.

I'm pretty bloody happy! haha!

In other news.. I went out last night, and it was a waste of $120 and 7hrs of my time. I hate this thing they call a night life in Hamilton. You can't go out to have a good time with out being molested by people too drunk to even speak. It's so sleazy the way they come up behind you and start rubbing themselves on your arse and thigh... and the words, "don't go away." or "fuck off" don't seem to register.

Oh well. Things will change i guess.

For the better :)

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