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oh man...

Hands down the best book I have read in a long long time.
Marley & Me by John Grogan.
If you have a dog, or have lost a dog or are even thinking of getting a dog, please please do yourself a favour, and read it!!

I have never laughed so hard, or cried so much while reading a book.. It details life with a crazy golden lab... from the bliss before a dog entered the newley weds life, to bringing him home, to discovering he is nuts, through miscarriage, through childbirth, moving, getting old, and eventually having to make the heart breaking decision to put him to sleep. So many of the stories ring true. And the overall theme of a dogs 100% loyal, faithful & unconditional companionship through good times and terrible served as such a fantastic reminder of my baby, Tammy a 13 year old black lab... Faithful companion since i was 11... now i'm 23 and she's showing the signs of age. She's seen me through so. bloody. much. and one thing i could always count on, was that she's always up for a cuddle or a play or a talk when no one else is. The day i get that phone call from mum and dad is a day i dread more than anything else.

Seriously, read the book. it'll change you, i'm serious.

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