Cara (car_car) wrote,

intelligent word.. run away now!

I had something really intelligent and significant to say, but it's clear left my mind.

I've got my plan sorted now. In the next month....
I'm going to work really hard on my fitness & obey my diet...  OBEY OBEY OBEY!!!
Make sure my hair looks extra spanky
buy some new clothes & shoes
get my license
and drive down to port mac, & pay John a surprise visit..... and show him who he's missing out on. :)

lol are so obsessed. gotta get over it.

Going to have another quiet weekend.Might kidnap brother & his girlie for vids one night, and renee another. Or i might even paint my flat... maybe.

Lost the cap on my tooth today... no new patients until June at one dentist, September at the other & no patients who aren't on government benefits at the other! Thank God for the one in Alexander parade... on the waiting list there, hopefully won't be too long, it hurts! lol (apart from the fact it looks God awful! lol

Speaking of God, it's struck me recently how religious i actually am. I'm not religious in the praise the Lord every Sunday at mass kind of thing, but i pray, in my own time, often. And i suppose i have a very strong belief on God, and a higher power, helping us out, and showing us the way. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, and although  there are some fucked up reasons out  there, it's all part of God's bigger plan for us.  I have faith.  A  lot of faith. And i firmly believe that in times like what I've been through recently, I wouldn't have come through the other side if it wasn't for the faith and trust i have in that higher power.....

any way... fish cakes and vege for tea. YUM

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