Cara (car_car) wrote,


Big Week. Huge week. Fun Week.
Restaurant re-opened on Wednesday, to rave reviews and awesome steaks! lol! I have to say, the place looked unreal... this deep purple, orange and dark red, with dark polished red highlights, tea light candles, red drop lights and polished silver cutlery on white serviettes. Mmmmm. Not even I can wait to eat there.

Things are really looking up at work. Can't really say much, as nothing is signed sealed or delivered yet.. buy hey, watch this space! lol.

I had a very lonely night last night. I hate friday and saturday nights now. They were two nights I could absolutley guarentee doing something with John... but now.. meh. I find myself avoiding organising things on those nights. avoiding people. I don't particulary want to go out. It's not something i find appealing. I hate going to the attic, wanting to dance with my female friends, and end up being touched and rubbed up against by random dudes who want a warm place to stick their dick that night, i hate it, I don't like the pubs, because they are filled with the same guys, in a more sober state. I guess it's quite anti social of me, and i can feel myself starting to draw back inside again. becoming wary, less trusting and reserved.

I want things the way they were i guess. kinda.

Ohh in other news, my ottoman & 2x2 book case arrived.... yay my flat looks great!! I bought a mirror to put over the book case and like 20 candles. My flat feels so cosy. visitors welcome, week nights only :)

Going for a drive with brother dearest tonight. Gotta get my license soon. :)

Take care and play safe kiddies!

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