June 2nd, 2008


A weird thing happened...

In the last couple of weeks, I've had two "signs" that Nan is still around, looking out for me..

I inherited Nan's sensitive skin, it basically means that I get dermatitis at the drop of a hat, some fabrics, nickel, latex, bandaid's etc all don't get along with my skin. Anyway, I developed a rash on my hands the other week, and I didn't have any Dermaid cream (That stuff works wonders!), I'd searched high and low, and couldn't find any. I'd given up. And then later that night, I just randomly got up and checked the bathroom cupboard again, and there was a tube, siting on some face washers, as clear as day! Thank you Nan!!

Then the second thing happened when I was around at Mum and Dads. It's been getting quite cold down here lately, and a week or so earlier, I'd said to Mum that I wished Nan was still around so she could knit me some gloves. Anyway, I was at Mum and Dad's and I was getting ready to walk home after dinner, and I mentioned the lack of gloves again, and then Mum wandered away and came back with a pair of black knitted gloves. She said that they'd just turned up the other day! Weird, but thank you Nan!!

I miss her so much, not a day goes past when I don't think of her.
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One of the reasons why I don't want to waitress anymore.

God, I am so angry.
I'm here at work - minding the restaurant & reception. There is this guy in there, who is such a bloody dementor - it's nearly making me cry. He is so rude and arrogant when he speaks to me, yet chatting as nice as pie to another guest in the restaurant. ARGH.

Sir, I am sorry your steak was over cooked, I did offer to replace it or get you a complimentary drink, but you refused. I'm sorry you think the menu is over priced and the selection shit. I have not forced you through the doors, and I see you have a company credit card, so you could have gone to any of the local pubs and found something more to your tastes. There isn't much more I can do. I am sorry you think that waitresses are not worth a few seconds of your day, but that is no reason to mumble your responses and scowl at me. I am a human, just like you. I am an intelligent human, who, yes, should be concentrating her efforts else where, but unfortuantley for the time being is stuck behind a desk & bar looking after you. The very least you can do is help make the process a plesant one for both of us.
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